In Solidarity with the Tree of Life Congregation

We are following reports of the horrific shootings at the Tree of Life Synagogue with heartbreak and anguish. We and all Israelis stand in unshakable solidarity with the members of the Tree of Life Kehillah and all Jews in the US and around the world. The rise in anti-Jewish violence and rhetoric in the United States and around the world is deeply troubling, as is the rise in violence targeting religious and ethnic groups in general. Our hearts are with the Pittsburgh Jewish community, and all Jews of the US and the Diaspora – we all share this suffering. May HaShem comfort the grieving families of the men and women, kedoshim, murdered in this terrible shooting, may He bring healing to those who are wounded, may He protect us all and help us all overcome toxic tribalism and recognize our shared humanity together.

Rabbi Meir and Anne Sendor

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