Tal Orot Privacy Notice

Although we consider ourselves not following the crowd, it seems to be appropriate for this moment to do so.

So, in hope that you also did not consider this necessary, here is the Tal Orot privacy policy:

The only information we would consider gathering would be pertinent to our organization. We look at where our viewers are based in order to consider what programming to offer. If you have subscribed as a member, we look at your location to hone in on such offers. Any donation or class subscription that you may have done is with PayPal, which provides us with your email address so that we can properly acknowledge your payment. Any check that we receive is also only noted for the date and the amount so that we can again appropriately thank you. We have no interest or really had not even thought of collating any other information that you may have given us through any other interaction. And we wouldn’t know what to do with any cookies that come our way.

If you come visit us in Tzfat, we would be happy to offer you some home-baked cookies, though!