Welcome to Tal Orot

Tal Orot: a Jewish Contemplative Society

Tal Orot is a society for the refinement of Jewish spiritual and ethical awareness. We offer workshops in authentic Jewish meditation and contemplative prayer techniques correlated with study of traditional text sources relating to the training of consciousness to cultivate ethical and spiritual growth. The overall goal of our program is to foster expansive consciousness and awakened conscience.

We are located in Tzfat, a city with Jewish meditation at its core. We welcome Jews from all over Israel and throughout the world and benefit from the spiritual atmosphere of the city long associated with the living practice of Kabbalah. We present workshops here, in other cities in Israel, and in North America, and are currently setting up classes online to open to a wider audience. Structured as a non-hierarchical, non-denominational society, Tal Orot expresses our vision for a contemplative society open to all Jews that can contribute to the spiritual and ethical vitality of Jewish life in Israel, North America, and around the world.

To register for upcoming classes, please go to this page to learn more.