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A Contemplative Visit to the Kivrei Tzadikim of Tzfat

Rav Hayyim Vital in Sha’ar HaYichudim describes the proper way to visit Kivrei Tzadikim. It is a meditative practice in which, be-ezrat HaShem, you commune in Torah with the Tzaddik. The Yahrzeit of the Ari z”l, the 5th of Menachem Av, would be a good time to engage in this practice, but the large crowds and other factors make it a bit difficult. So, be-reshut Shamayim, will we visit the Beit HaAlmin of Tzfat on the 6th of Menachem Av, Wednesday August 7th at 5:00pm. We will gather at the upper entrance (the bottom of Rechov ha-Ari, near the Beit haKnesset ha-Ari ha-Sefaradi) for a brief orientation and descend to the Kivrei Tzadikim together. Our gathering is for men and women. It is considered a holy practice for men to go the mikveh beforehand.

With Rabbi Meir Sendor

6 Menachem Av, Wednesday August 7, 5:00-6:30 pm.

Beit HaAlmin, Tzfat

Tal Orot Summer Jewish Meditation Workshop
in Newton MA
With Rabbi Dr. Meir Sendor
For our summer gathering we will engage in a meditation method known as Hitpashut, or Stripping Away. Transmitted by Rabbi Avraham Abulafia in the thirteenth century, this method employs a series of vocalizations to free the mind from all distractions and attain pure open consciousness, consciousness without an object. It is an effective method in itself, and considered a gateway to other advanced kabbalistic meditations. It is also prescribed in the Tur, the great halakhic code of Rabbi Yaakov ben Asher, as a preparation for tefillah.

WHEN: August 15, 2019 at 8-9:30 PM

WHERE: At the home of Jim Nuzzo, 361 Commonwealth, Ave, corner of Nobscot Road


Please RSVP by August 9 using this Doodle link Doodle: Jewish Meditation Summer Session August 15 .