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For the next foreseeable future, we are suspending regular online classes.
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Upcoming Tal Orot Meditation Series: Unifications
We will hold a new series from May 2 through June 6 on Tuesday evenings, 8 PM Israel time. As with our other series this year, it is only meditation without text work.
Our next Tal Orot series will be devoted to one of the central meditation methods of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria and his students, that continues to be a major practice among kabbalists today: unifications. These meditations are designed to help us attain real awareness of God’s Oneness that embraces and penetrates all reality, not merely as a concept but as an enduring experience. These practices can help deepen our sense of connection with God, with each other, with all beings, with all of Creation.

Six sessions of meditation with brief, concise guidance on technique.

This series is open to new participants as well as those who are continuing. The first session of the six sessions will provide full instructions and will be recorded.

There is no fee for this series.
Some people had offered to contribute to our efforts to maintain this programming during this year without scheduled classes. We are suggesting a new category of sustaining membership for Tal Orot. Our suggestion for this would be $180 or whatever you would feel comfortable contributing. This is completely optional. For information about donations, please go  here.
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