Classes and Events

For the next foreseeable future, we are offering classes online only.

Tal Orot is offering three classes on Jewish Meditation.

This Tuesday, May 19, at 8 PM Israel time, we will start a new four-week series for those who have studied Jewish Meditation with Rabbi Sendor in the past (in person). Here is a description:

The next 4 sessions of our advanced meditation group will be devoted to the kabbalistic practice of Histaklut — the skill of aura gazing as described in the Zohar and the Torah of Rabbi Yitzhak Luria z”l. Our aim is to expand our awareness of the potential of human consciousness. This meditation is properly done in real face to face sessions, but we will make adjustments for the current restrictions and the limitations of online technology. Each session will include analysis of source texts and practical meditation exercises for developing this challenging and valuable skill.

On Wednesdays, at 8 PM Israel time, we will join together with Livnot U’Lehibanot to offer an introductory course for Jewish Meditation. Even if you have studied meditation or even Jewish meditation, but not with Rabbi Sendor, we would ask for you to participate in this course. You are welcome to forward this invitation to others who you think would be interested.
אנו מציעים שיעור בעברית לנשים בימי חמישי בשעה 11. אנא יידעו אותנו אם אתם מעוניינים להצטרף לשיעור זה. לנשים בלבד.
We are hoping to continue the courses in four-week units, but we will reevaluate as we see what is going on in the world.
One last thing–we are offering these courses for members of Tal Orot only! If you have not become a member (free for now), please go to this link. Once you are approved, I can send you the Zoom link for the classes.