New meditation series starting January 10

We will hold a new series from January 10 through February 14 on Tuesday evenings, 8 PM Israel time. As with our first series this year, it is only meditation without text work.

Our winter meditation series will build on skills from our previous sessions. We will shift to a second version of the Sha’ar HaKavannah meditation, as described in Rabbi Hayyim Vital’s Sha’arei Kedushah, a classic kabbalistic method designed to facilitate a deeper level of focussed attention on the source of consciousness itself. This series is open to new participants as well as those who are continuing. The first session of the six sessions will provide full instructions and will be recorded.

There is no fee for this series. Some people had offered to contribute to our efforts to maintain this programming during this year without scheduled classes. We are suggesting a new category of sustaining membership for Tal Orot. Our suggestion for this would be $180 or whatever you would feel comfortable contributing. This is completely optional. For information about donations, please go to our website here.
To register, please fill out this Google form.

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