Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time

Thank you to all of you who wanted to make sure we are all healthy. We’re doing very well, thank G-d.
We had written in our yearly newsletter on September 5 that
This year, we will take a break from having weekly divrei Torah posts so that Meir can spend more consistent time writing a book (many many years in the making).

I am hoping that Meir will write from time to time, but it takes him far afield from what he’s trying to accomplish, so it can’t be on a regular basis. He also decided to take an online ulpan class three times a week, so that’s definitely taking more time even from the book writing! But I’m hoping that he can get all of these done, along with teaching online and occasionally live.

I guess this last year and a half has shown us to honor our priorities along with our sense of commitment.
To make sure you know how to use the search function of our website so you can find past posts about the parashah:
You can enter any word and see what it comes up with.
For example, for Parashat Toldot:
Other than this, you are welcome to join our next series of classes on Paths of Kavannah, starting December 14.
The theme of our winter series is Kavanah, focused mental intent. The ability to direct attention effectively in prayer, in learning and in meditation is a key element of Jewish spiritual development. The kabbalistic tradition has developed a number of meditation methods, some readily accessible and some quite rigorous, designed to strengthen and refine Kavanah. We will study several of these methods and incorporate them into our daily practice, adding a skill set that can be valuable in many aspects of our lives. To sign up for this series, please fill out this Google form.

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